Established in 1990 and recieved Non-Profit staus in 1992
A Non-Profit Corporation for the Further Enhancement of the Arts
501(c)(3) Fed I.D. # 33-0497420

Your donation to TEMAS will continue to support of our communities in both personal and family strengthing.
TEMAS supplies enrichment, personal development, and defense education throughout our communities.

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Donate $40 US
Pickup a PR0-RELIEF
Theraputic Cane - Limited Supply
Original value: $300

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Donate $350 US
Pick up a Songin Tiger Limited Print #
Signed, numbered and framed
Artist: Grandmaster Manna

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Special Donate $500 US
Recieve/provide this prestigous Gift
A Gold Lifetime Membership

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Thank you for your continuing support. All items above are based on pickup, freight will be prepaid.

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