Varsity Martial Arts League Fundraiser


This winter we are honored to have Cafe Moto as a partner in raising monies for the benefit of our youth programs
through the enhancement of the martial arts in our communities.
Whether for your personal use or a gift to others this remains a great opportunity to share.

You may choose to add a financial contribution below as well as reserve your space at the 5th Annual TEMAS Gala.

We accept the following forms of payment online:

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Moto Brew Beans - 1 bag per $12.00 donation . . . . . . . . GLOBAL SEASONAL FAVORITES. Full City. Balanced acidity and body with a clean finish - RL:49

Peru SOL Y CAFE Beans - 1 bag per $12.00 donation . . .SAN IGNACIO - Medium body & acidity. Notes of sweet rasins, cacao nibs, passionfruit, red plum, and toasted walnuts. Fair Trade USDA Organic - RL:49

Viennese Blend Beans - 1 bag per $12.00 donation . . . . CO-OP. Dark & Full City. Bright full citrus and smokey carmels. Fair Trade

Espresso Moto Beans - 1 bag per $12.00 donatoin . . . . 70% organic coffee. CO-OP Centrals. Bittersweet roast & stout with a hint of dark chocolate cherry. Fair Trade Certified.

You may add an additional financial donation amount here, All donations are tax deductable.
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Reserve your seats at the 2018 - 5th Annual TEMAS GALA on Saturday, March 24th, 2018
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Thank you for your donation!

  • All donations are tax deductable, TEMAS was established in 1990 and recongnized as a Non-Profit Corporation for the Further Enhancement of the Arts in 1992 - 501(c)(3) Fed I.D. # 33-0497420
  • If you would prefer to pay by check: Please print the cart page, retain a personal copy, and send along with check payable to "TEMAS" and mail it to the following address:

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