The following is a list of all Black Belts, Certified Black Belts, Senior Black Belts, Masters or Grandmasters recognized or
once affiliated with The Educational Martial Arts system, Inc. or a participating studio.
Names appearing on this list have no reflection on thier current status of memebership, rank or current affiliation.
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TEMAS recommended guidlines for 1st degree black belt rank requirement are as follows:
Upon completion of requirements, may recieve black belt four/five months from rank test.
TEMAS mongramed belt is presented six months after training as a black belt.
TEMAS Certification presentation six months after reciept of monogramed belt.
The above is a recomended guidline for the benfit of the member and of the TEMAS participating studio.
Presentation of Black Belt is completed by TEMAS Certified Instructor from the participating studio.

A martial artist is always in the act of becoming the belt that they are wearing.

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TEMAS Black Belt Alumni, provide your updated contact information:
or Brian D. Manna/Founding Grand Master at


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