The Educational Martial Arts System, Inc.

A Non-Profit Corporation for the Further Enhancement of the Arts since 1990

What The System Symbol Represents:

THE EDUCATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEM: Educational - Bringing all to a higher understanding of one's self and the community around us.
Martial Arts - A study of the mind and body as one. To have the knowledge necessary to avoid conflict. Betterment of the whole person.
System - A way, structured to assist in achieving our goals.

TIGER: Strength & Flexibility. The outstretched arm reaching to achieve new goals, down from the mountain, showing strength. Orange; symbolizing warmth & internal power. Brown; symbolizing the earth and nature.

IVY/LAUREL LEAVES: Balance of nature. The 12 leaves symbolize the full year cycle of growth. Laurel leaves represent achieving our goals through personal victory. These are the 12 branches to mastery.

THREE EQUAL FORCES: Representing the whole person concept; Mind, Body & Spirit and the principles; Justice, Sincerity, & Responsibility. The three colors are the primary colors of the universe and represent the endless colors of nature.
Yellow represents the Sun, Life & Energy and a new beginning.
Red represents the richness in growth, Life's blood and sacrifice for freedom.
Blue represents the sky, tranquility and the endless reaches of knowledge.

INTERNATIONAL GLOBE: Viewing the entire world of knowledge.

OUTER ORANGE RING: A full circle of unity and brotherhood.

"An Educational System for the Further Mental & Physical Enhancement of the Arts."

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