TTheme: Interactive Chateau Montelena Experience - 2021

The Educational Martial Arts System (TEMAS) invites you to participate in our 8th Annual Fundraiser, this event will be held by way of a Zoom Interative Experience.

Saturday, May 15th, 2021 - Starting at 6PM (Pacific Standard Time) Completion by 8:20PM

This night will be a special event to remember and broadcasted through interactive Zoom participation, hosted by Manna’s Martial Arts, Inc. will transform your evening.  This Adult only evening’s events will include: Interactive 30 to 45 minute tour of Chateau Montelena (including education), silent auction and live auction.

Chateau Montelena, a world famous winery in Napa Valley, tour will include: a brief history, wine making and wine tasting notes. Upon request wine or a non-alcoholic gift basket will be delivered to each household in San Diego area. Each Houshold will recieve a Gala Booklet printed or electronic copy.

All proceeds are a tax-deductible donation to TEMAS - 501(c)(3) Fed I.D. # 33-0497420

Reserve your entrance to this Special Event. $95 per ticket.
Your Zoom ID & Password and Auction Item access will be sent to you prior to the event.

Order your ticket/s now, you may be contacted to choose a special gift delivered directly to you. Gala Beverage Option, selection below, will be per household. Please purchase a ticket for each adult attending this evening event, this is a fundraiser for TEMAS to benefit our cause. Please contact for any special requests for out of San Diego County attendees.

2021 Gala Number of Tickets
Gala Beverage Option
Gala Name(s) on Tickets
Email Confirmation Address

The Interactive 2021 TEMAS Gala will begin at 6 pm (pst):

Have an advertisement/ or notice delivered to each home (or emailed for those out of area) of the Gala Participants. Gala Notice.

Please feel free to support TEMAS by making a direct donation of any amount you wish.

Thank you for your support and care.

The team at TEMAS.

Grandmaster and Master Manna are Futures Members
at Chateau Montelena since 2011


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